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Local knowledge is surfing term that refers to comprehensive understanding of the surrounding environment that one attains through living in the area. Only the locals know the secret spots and only the locals know when they are working…

Local Knowledge is a lifestyle brand that acts as a canvas of creativity and passion. It is more than just a company, it is an expression of style and is a collaboration of individuality and a sense of community. It is an authentic, innovative and youthful brand that promotes the local concept of ‘being stoked.’ By combining three different styles and personalities, the three owners have created something that is truly authentic and original.

We’re not a tour guiding company…we are local hosts that want to show our new friends the best time, and to our guests, the ‘real Cape Town.’ We are proudly South African and aim to constantly celebrate the rainbow nation. Come join the fun, see the city through our eyes, be a local for the day and enjoy the best kept secrets that our beautiful city has to offer.

Umntu ngumntu ngabantu – a person is a person through other people.

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